FREE Air conditioners for eligible customers under Victorian Energy Upgrades. Only pay for installation.

Empowering Victorian households with premium air conditioning solutions, enhancing comfort and lifestyle.

FREE Air conditioners for eligible customers under Victorian Energy Upgrades. Only pay for installation.

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Empowering Victorian household with premium air conditioning solutions,enhancing comfort and lifestyle.

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"Cooling Comfort, Exceptional Service: Our Testimonials Speak Volumes!"

Efficient, professional aircon installation service. Highly recommend for quality workmanship and prompt service. Extremely satisfied with the results!

Jim Doherty

Outstanding solar panel installation service! Professional team, excellent communication, and top-notch workmanship. Delighted with the energy savings and eco-friendly solution provided. Highly recommend!

Stefanie Wilson

Incredible aircon upgrade! Improved efficiency, lower energy bills, and superior cooling performance. Professional installation team, seamless process. Thrilled with the results, highly recommend for a comfortable home!

Jason Jung

Switching from a gas heater to aircon was a game-changer! Efficient heating and cooling, cost-effective solution, and eco-friendly. Professional installation, excellent service. Delighted with the upgrade, highly recommended!

Penelope Smith
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Accredited Service Provider of the VEU program

We are dedicated to upgrading air conditioning systems for eligible Victorian households in line with the Government’s gas decommissioning targets by 2030. Trust our expertise for energy-efficient solutions and enhanced comfort.

We also offer weather sealing products approved by VUE program for enhanced energy efficiency.

Weather sealing

Who let the air out? Wasting energy unnecessarily stinks.

Air escaping through gaps represents 15-25% of the heat lost during winter in buildings, and it can also lead to substantial cooling loss in regions where air conditioning is common. Sealing your home's windows, doors, chimneys, and vents can lower your energy expenses, conserve resources, and lessen your carbon footprint.


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