All Victorian households and businesses are eligible to apply for discounts.

Living in a rental property?

If you’re living in a private rental property, you are eligible to receive a discount on a heating and cooling system. We recommend that landlords and tenants work together when doing any upgrades to a rental property.


You can only install a:
  • Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) approved product
  • range of ducted (whole-of-home) and non-ducted (room) reverse cycle air conditioners
  • high-efficiency reverse cycle air conditioner capable of both heating and cooling.

Note: to be eligible for a discount, the accredited provider or installer may also be required to decommission your existing heating system. The following type of heating and cooling appliances can be upgraded to energy-efficient reverse cycle air conditioners:

Existing equipment to be decommissioned


Hard-wired resistance electric room heater

Electric resistance room heaters that are hard-wired are fixed to a wall and provide heating to a single room. Resistance heating elements cause electrical energy to be converted to heat energy and distributed as either radiant or convection heat. To be upgraded, these heaters must be the main form of heating at the premises.

Central electric resistance ducted heater

Central electric resistance ducted heaters are stand-alone heating units which are designed for installation with ducts to distribute heat. These must provide heating to a space with a floor area of at least 100m2.

Hard-wired slab heater

These units provide heat to a whole house via electric cabling embedded in the slab. They heat the concrete to a low temperature which acts as a low temperature radiator, as well as heating the air in the room.

Ducted (whole-of-home) gas heater

Ducted gas heaters consist of a central furnace unit that supplies heating to different parts of the house via ductwork. Units can be installed under the floor, in the ceiling or next to an external wall. Heat is distributed via ducting found in the ceiling or under the floor.

Non-ducted (room) gas heater

Non-ducted gas heaters (also referred to as room gas heaters) are often fixed and designed to heat a single room or open plan area by burning natural gas or LPG.

Refrigerative air conditioner

An air conditioner capable of cooling only.

Ducted (whole-of-home) reverse cycle air conditioner

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioners provide heating and cooling to different parts of the house via ductwork.

Non-ducted reverse cycle air conditioner

Non-ducted reverse cycle air conditioners provide heating and cooling for a single room or open plan area. Can be split systems, which have an indoor and outdoor unit.

None of the combinations specified

This represents any equipment not captured in available decommissioning options or in instances where there is no heating and/or cooling equipment present.


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